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AO Christmas Party - Jeanne Webb - 12-20-2013

The last few hours before the annual shutdown are traditionally the AO Christmas Party where you can chat about all things festive. Say Merry Christmas to your friends. Tell us what you're eating for Christmas and what you're planning to give the kids. Say thank you to the Moderators for a job well done, and profess your undying gratitude to the wonderful Advisory. Tell us what you're planning to read and share your family's special traditions and pastimes. Let's make the next few hours fun and go out with a BANG!

Fa la la la la la la la la

RE: AO Christmas Party - Phyllis - 12-21-2013

Ah, one little thing. This forum is public, so I'm going to close this thread, and copy it into the General subforum. Then we can party all we want over there... until the forum shuts down, that is.

RE: AO Christmas Party - Phyllis - 12-21-2013

Okay, carry on. Here's the new location.