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Help videos - Phyllis - 08-12-2012

If you need help registering, setting up your account, and getting started here, Naomi has made two wonderful video tutorials to walk you through all that:

Registering and Setting up your UserCP (User Control Panel)

Posts, Threads, Subscriptions, Etc

RE: Help videos - Phyllis - 08-12-2012

If the videos don't show up for you here, the direct links are

RE: Help videos - Denise Willer - 08-17-2012

Thank you so much very helpful!

RE: Help videos - ldavidson - 09-10-2012

Thanks for your help.

RE: Help videos - kyonga - 09-10-2012

your videos helped me climb the wall of getting myself weaned from the old group to getting on the forum. thanks for making the learning curve easier! it made a difference for me!
kyong a
gilbert AZ

RE: Help videos - Jodi-Marie Drehmer - 09-13-2012

I joined the forum a few weeks back but really didn't have the time explore it much. Today-I am down with a head cold and don't feel like doing much so I hopped on here and found the help videos. They were really well done and very helpful. I hope some of the moms that were having problems getting started on the forum would take a few minutes and watch these. I thought I would really miss all the email posts and that I wouldn't use the forum much because it seemed like it would take more time. I actually think it will be a time saver because I can now just read those sub-forums that pertain to me. Well done ladies of the Advisory/Auxiliary :)