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(06-19-2015, 10:02 PM)cobweb Wrote: Remington is in Jasper County which is on Central Time, the same time as Chicago. I live in Indiana and I didn't know that until someone else asked earlier in this post (or another one about the conference). I hadn't known what county Remington was in.


Do other states have as messed up time zones and time history as Indiana? Most of my life Indiana was not observing DST until 2006. There was a debate about whether we should be in Eastern or Central. The IN government chose Eastern except for a few counties. Then the federal Dept of Transportation stepped in and changed which time zones some of the counties were. I think DST is kind of silly myself but I also feel IN is too far west for Eastern. (OK, mini-rant over.)
I'm so sorry everyone. I don't know whether to delete the previous post or to add a correction.

WendiC has corrected me and let me know that the timeline runs through Jasper county and Remington is in the Eastern Time Zone NOT Central.
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