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I looked it up on the internet and was shocked to see that even on the internet it's wrong. That shouldn't have surprised me, though. I live in the county and GPS typically takes people five miles in the wrong direction and dumps them in the middle of nowhere when they plug in my address, and what GPS identifies as the name of the main street near us is not the name on the actual street signs for that road.

It IS super confusing, believe me, even to some of us who live here. Remington is in Jasper country. But Jasper county is not all on the same time zone.

The time line is just a couple miles north of Remington. ALL of Remington town proper itself is in the Eastern time zone, the same time zone as Lafayette, *NOT* Central/ the same time zone as Chicago. There are people who live so close to the timeline that their guests' phones freely switch back and forth while they visit.

Now, this is a bizarre little quirky pocket of Indiana. It is entirely credible to me that Super 8 might have just decided that since they get a lot of Chicago traffic, they just will *choose* to operate on the same time zone as Chicago, timelines notwithstanding. It's equally credible that the lady who told somebody Remington was on central time didn't have any idea what she was talking about. I could believe almost anything. Really, your best bet for the Super8 time is to call them and ask them to look at the lobby clock and tell you what time it is- and that will only work if they actually moved the clocks last time the times changed.=)

Most people don't even *say* central or eastern around here- if you're talking to a local about an event, and they want to clarify which time zone, they ask, "Fast time or slow time?"
I never can remember which is which.

As confusing as it is, up until just a couple years ago all the rest of Indiana didn't do daylight savings at all, including Remington. But the rest of Jasper county did- so six months out of the year the county was all in the same time zone and six months we weren't. Now we just never are, and, um, that's better?
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