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I'm sorry. What are "free rewards"?

Are you using the .odt because you are editing it? Do you have a Google Drive account? (You can edit the charts directly in Google Drive *if* you are logged in. You just copy them to your own account.)

You can print the file directly from Google (without logging in) if you are not editing it. I didn't work hard to keep the charts on properly paginated because that requires some editing that makes them harder to read and use; if people often just print them as-is, I can be more intentional about making them fit.

Do you currently just download the .odt and print it without any changes?

Knowing more about how most people use these charts helps me make a solution that works for everyone. This proposed change isn't even mostly about what's convenient for me. I think many of our users probably would like to have the charts in Google because it's so much easier to access them on various devices, but I can't know that unless I hear from you, nor can I know who is using them in other ways without hearing, so I appreciate all the feedback.
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