A New Version of This Country of Ours - Volume 1
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(10-19-2022, 06:26 AM)marianelson Wrote: Thank you so much for this work Donna Jean. My third go through with my current year 3 student is so much better without my handwritten edits and white outs and I’m so thankful for the updates, the notes, the pronunciation, AND the size!! Our older copy is so large and unwieldy, it is already falling apart after one 6 years of use. Your new version is lovely and beautiful. My daughter and I are enjoying it! I pray the next few volumes are ready in time for my yr 5 can read it . But otherwise! My year 1 is going to be for a treat.

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Thank you for this, and for all the comments here. 

Thank you, too, for those who pray for me, that I will be able to stay on my schedule and get the other volumes done. 

After I was his primary caregiver for over a year and a half, my Dad went to be with the Lord a week ago. (We live together in a four-generation household.) I will now continue with caring for my Mom. It's been an intense time, and the grief is deep, but we rejoice in the sure knowledge that Dad is with Jesus. 

My prayer is that I'll get back to writing soon, after this immediate season settles a bit - and hopefully volume 2 will still be done this winter :-)
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