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(10-06-2015, 02:13 PM)Dawn Girl Wrote: I have had the opportunity to join the AO Facebook page, and I must admit, I have no idea what I'm doing there.  This is a bit of a plea from a place of severe ignorance.

The Forum has order...Facebook is chaos.  

It resembles to some degree the "View Today's Posts" page, but it has no forums.  How does anyone find anything?

But maybe I'm just missing something.

Is there any Rhyme or Reason to Facebook?  Does anyone have any tips or insights into usefully using the AO Facebook page?  I know I will remain there as a lurker for the foreseeable future.  (Our family facebook account technically belongs to my husband, and I promised I wouldn't post comments or make any friends.)  

I'm so thankful for the forum, and I don't see myself committing much time or resources to the AO Facebook page (especially when I have a moratorium).  But maybe I'm just old, set in my ways, and adverse to change.  Maybe I felt just as lost when I started using the Forum, but I don't remember.  

Please, either convince me of the amazing merits of the Facebook page or reassure me it is OK to just to remain here in the Forum.

Taking your remarks in order:

Yes. It's chaos.

Nobody does find anything- for the most part, they don't even look, hence the repetitive questions.

The only thing I think you missed is that some people apparently prefer chaos to order.  

No, there is no rhyme or reason.

The only tip I would offer is to either A. stay away for your own sanity, or B. see the FB account as an opportunity to reach out to newbies, to people who won't try the forum, to be a friendly AO face in the chaos.  And I don't think anybody here has to feel obligated to do B- I'd much rather most of you were making the forum continue to be the great place it is so that we gently redirect people from FB to the forum there's good content and community here for them.

C- another option, glean ideas for things to post about here in the forum, although this one is of some value, too, the chaotic, random nature of the FB group means you're really just standing in the path of blowing thistledown and hoping to catch a good seed in your hand rather than up your nose.

It is more than okay to just remain in the forum. It's better for most of our members to direct their efforts here.  So you're good- your instincts are good, and while you might be old and crotchety and all that, an aversion to FB is not evidence of that.
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