Forum upgrade done!
Announcements/Forum upgrade done!
Welcome back, everyone! Well, I got it done.

However. Those who have been around for a while know the drill. For those who have not gone through upgrades in the past, be forewarned that there will likely be some glitches here and there to be worked out. I have done what I can and when Phyllis gets up in a few hours, she will take it from there.

Currently, the forum is still closed for posting, but open for reading. At some point on January 1st, we will reopen the forum. I apologize in advance for the delays, but there was rampant sickness in our house over the last 2 weeks, so my beloved and I were not able to do this until the last minute. :-(

When we do open, if you come across things not functioning correctly, just post in tech support and let us know!

Have a great 2015!
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
Like buttons are there for me, only not as buttons...
Jeanne in Australia
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
(01-01-2015, 01:53 PM)Jeanne Webb Wrote: Like buttons are there for me, only not as buttons...

Oh - I see them there now. They were not there before! Yes - buttons....are not there. Not sure what that is about. There are no lines between posts either. I am turning that bit over to Phyllis, lol!
Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
What do you mean, no lines?
Jeanne in Australia
A Peaceful Day
Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
(01-01-2015, 01:56 PM)Jeanne Webb Wrote: What do you mean, no lines?

yup no lines anywhere
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
No lines:
Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
I don't have like button.  :-(
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
I keep wanting to click the "Like" button, and not finding it because it hasn't woken up from its New Year's festivities yet.
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
Something Phyllis has done has changed it, because Liking was there when I went to bed last night. Hmmmm....
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Announcements/RE: Forum upgrade done!
Tapatalk still has Like, and it didn't at first. So the functionality is there.
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