Upcoming Forum Update for March/April
Announcements/Upcoming Forum Update for March/April
There is a forum update that needs to be done soon. I wanted to give everyone a heads up that it is going to happen in the next week or so. This won't be as big of a deal as the upgrade was, thankfully.

I won't be trying to do this in the overnight hours this time. It is just too hard on my husband (my IT helper guy) and myself to stay up until the wee hours of the morning anymore (getting old, I guess).

So, if one of these days, you come to the forum to try to login right after dinner and find it is down, be patient with me. The update itself doesn't take long, but backing everything up before we do it does take a while.
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Announcements/RE: Upcoming Forum Update for March
We appreciate it!!! <3
Karla [Heart <3] Married to my best friend, mom to 10 year old Shark (ASD) and to 6 year old Rapunzel (NF1).  Enjoying year 4 and year 1!
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Announcements/RE: Upcoming Forum Update for March
Ok, thanks!
Mama to five, ages 1-10. 
Announcements/RE: Upcoming Forum Update for March/April
I am doing forum maintenance this weekend. I am fairly certain it will be on Saturday afternoon, but there is a slim possibility that it could be tonight. I wanted you all to have a heads up that you will not have the forum for a few hours at some point this weekend.
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