Conference Resources (notes & things promised at the Heart of AO Conf 2016)
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Here are the handouts from my talk on Swedish Drill, linked through Google Docs:

This one is a list of all the exercises in the book The Swedish Drill teacher that would be appropriate to teach in your homeschool in order to incorporate into a Swedish Drill routine.

This one contains sample drill routines to implement in home schools.

I must emphasize, though, the importance of doing any form of exercise with proper technique due to the potential for injury. It is even more important for us to foster proper movement patterns in our children to avoid lifelong consequences. I hope to create videos with commentary to help guide this process in home schools, but that is a long term project that will not be available quickly. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying, but I do want people to be aware. 

Also be aware that Drill was intended to be used with children starting ~8 years old and was not intended for younger kids, although most of the ones I culled from the manual could be adapted for that purpose.
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