New! and Improved! Year 9 Lite
Announcements/New! and Improved! Year 9 Lite
Years 7 and 8's Lite schedules were recently spruced up a bit to even out the readings over the terms.

Year 9 Lite had more of an overhaul. The books that were considered integral to the year were added in, some other books were removed to make room for them, all while keeping to a strict page count of 1900 pages per term. Speeches and historical documents were lined up more accurately to where they belong historically, and many books were spread out to take them more slowly and reflectively.

Just like Years 7 and 8 Lite, the old schedules are still available by clicking a link at the top of the page.

Yes, we plan to do the same for Years 10 and 11 Lite, but I can't say when that will be. I can't even say that it will be before September (sorry!)
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Announcements/RE: New! and Improved! Year 9 Lite
Thanks so much! I am grateful for all the hard work that goes into making AO and making it even better.
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Announcements/RE: New! and Improved! Year 9 Lite
This is fascinating...I've been working w/DS and looking at descriptions and actual books to select from the salad bar. I put together a spreadsheet with page counts for probable titles by broad subject (to see if I had a good balance) and to keep us near the upper level of 2000 pages/term (although until this past week I didn't realize how CM had done page counts...). But, my page counts must have been on the low side as I selected more titles than this revised lite Y9. I had been feeling like I was taking an easy road - it was more than the old lite Y9, but still seemed really light compared to the whole list and some of the threads I had been reading about Y9. Sooo, it's rather validating that I'm not taking the easy road after all.

It was also rather cool to see that many of the books we had chosen were on this list of foundational works. I feel so educated! [cheesy grin]

P.S. Thanks again for continuing trying to improve everyone's AO journey!
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