Save the Date!
Announcements/Save the Date!

We have some exciting news!  We are planning an AmblesideOnline conference for one year from now - April 4-6th, 2019.  It will be in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. 

We will be posting more details in the near future - such as cost, exact location, and registration information.  

But for now - we wanted to share our good news, and to let you know:  mark your calendar!
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Announcements/Save the Date!
Happy !!
Yes and I won’t be nursing anymore so I’m a free agent for that weekend ?

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Dawn Duran (04-07-2018)
Announcements/RE: Save the Date!
Wonder of I could get cheap flight from the UK!!
England.  DD8 DS6
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Announcements/Save the Date!
I was so excited till I saw how far it is from me! Now off to go look at prices from OR to TN ha.

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Announcements/RE: Save the Date!
WOO!! Great location!! Just about 4 hours south of where I am in central KY.
Mom of one daughter (AO graduate), and two sons (Yr. 11 and Yr. 7)
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Announcements/RE: Save the Date!
We live in Nashville! Please let me know if ya'll need help with anything! I'm definitely coming. :)
<<Alana in TN>>
Mama to three boys 

Announcements/RE: Save the Date!
(04-07-2018, 02:45 AM)Nala Wrote: We live in Nashville! Please let me know if ya'll need help with anything! I'm definitely coming. :)

Ditto!!!!!! It's on my calendar! My daughter and I are both REALLY excited, so any of y'all with teens on the forum, please come to Nashville... And everyone else, too, of course.
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Announcements/RE: Save the Date!
This is so exciting! I'd really like to make it (from Idaho).
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NicholsonUK (04-16-2018)
Announcements/Save the Date!
Oh happy day!!! I’m so excited for this news!

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Mariana, mom to two wonderful boys (YR2 and YR0)

Announcements/Save the Date!
YES!! I live just 2 hours from Nashville. ️ I'm excited!

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bbnaville5 (04-07-2018)

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