Registration is OPEN!
Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
Thank you for your questions!

The process is taking awhile, to cross reference paypal addresses with e-mailed forms, and to make sure our numbers line up with our retreat spaces, before we send out a confirmation.

Don't worry, just keep watching your inbox. This is one of those tasks that can't be done by several people, so we are patiently cheering on our Registration Dynamic Duo of Leslie and Lani, and praying that all continues to go smoothly!
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
I registered! I'm so excited about this retreat that I am bouncing!
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
<<Alana in TN>>
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
(11-01-2018, 11:22 PM)justNermari Wrote: DONE! Coming up from South Florida! :)

Me too! Looking forward to meeting!
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
(11-02-2018, 12:00 AM)writingsarah Wrote: Me too! Looking forward to meeting!

Are you in FLL already? I live in Coral Springs and host a monthly mom's CM book club. Message me directly and I can give you the info. If you're on Facebook, you can also find me: Nermari Faria Broderick.
Nermarí Faría Broderick
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
So - as you can see, we have hit the pause button on registrations.

We are still manually processing registrations from the first few minutes in, and we have already sold out the lodges. We are looking at the number of registrations that have come in, and we want to be sure we are not sold out fully before we take in any more.

It's an exciting problem to have! Leslie and Lani are working hard, and you *will* get your confirmations today, Lord willing! We'll let you know when and if we can open up for more registrations.
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God is safe to trust!
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
I registered for a linen package, but after purchasing my plane ticket, I noticed that I can check 2 bags free. Is there anyone traveling by air who needs linens that would like to make an arrangement?
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Announcements/Registration is OPEN!
Ahhhh, this is so exciting! But maaan. How the heck am I going to do school today with this kind of suspense? I did manage to register before you paused it, but now I'm all nervous. Mostly I am kicking myself because when I set my alarm, I was too tired and thought, oh, CST is an hour before MST... and nope, wrong way around! I should've woken up at 5, not 7! Still, it's good I set an alarm at all... With sick kiddos, I may not have woken up until 10 otherwise... *Bites fingernails*
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
(11-01-2018, 11:29 PM)MrsH Wrote: If someone tried for a lodge room, they would not have a confirmation email yet?

My friend was point person and says she put to give us bunk rooms if not possible to have lodge rooms

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To reiterate what has been so wonderfully stated previously - two people are tirelessly working through the emails and processing them at the time mark at which they came in. Thus far they have processed emails received through approximately 6:06 AM CST. This is going to be a long, slow process and we appreciate your patience. We are doing our very best to respond to everyone as quickly as humanly possible to assuage any anxiety experienced as a result of this process. 

(11-01-2018, 11:29 PM)libermom Wrote: I didn't have a PayPal account but had the option of paying with MC which I did.  Will that take longer to figure out and process my registration.  I paid and sent in the registration form just after 6.
The MasterCard use had to be linked to the PayPal account for it to have gone through, so it will be processed at the same rate/time stamp as others.
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Announcements/RE: Registration is OPEN!
(11-02-2018, 12:32 AM)Jenna Dilts Wrote: Ahhhh, this is so exciting! But maaan. How the heck am I going to do school today with this kind of suspense? 

I was just wondering if anyone else was having an extremely hard time focusing on school work today!!!!!
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