A Tribute to Wendi Capehart
Announcements/A Tribute to Wendi Capehart
It’s been seven months since Wendi Capehart left this earth for heaven, and our missing her has not changed. In this episode of Cindy Ward Rollins’ “The New Mason Jar,” some of us who knew and loved her remember the magnanimous, brilliant, and remarkable woman she was. If you use any part of AmblesideOnline, your life has been blessed by Wendi.


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Announcements/A Tribute to Wendi Capehart
I look forward to listening to this episode!
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I just listened to the episode and cried my way through it. So beautiful and it made me so happy to hear everyone's memories and stories. It made me think and appreciate how Wendi was such a unique person to be so present with people in real life and so present with people online. So often the people that are great at one are bad at the other. Also the idea of how she never felt fully rooted or at home and yet made people feel at home is related in my mind. I remember reading Wendi's comments and sometimes her corrections and it felt like I could make mistakes and learn a lot in this online AO community and I felt at home with the atmosphere of the AO groups and I think Wendi's comments were pivotal for me in that. I love the "home" she made for everyone online. Early on it was clear to me the AO "home" online had high and unwavering standards, but the goal for those high standards was not about judging people, it was about creating a longing in each of us to see those standards with a sense of wonder and joy, they were a gift to discover. When people tried to lower the standards Wendi would point out the joy that would be missed and when people tried to play the judging game she would fight to flip the conversation on its head and make sure no one struggling was overlooked. I miss her so much.
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