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Hello, I am wondering if anyone has prepared a very user friendly, readable, printable master booklist? 

I am a person who uses my phone to access the internet, no computer with internet access at home. Using this website on my phone is very challenging for me, as I am an admittedly notorious bad technology user. I have a difficult time trying to figure out where a particular book might fit into the curriculum (or whether it does at all). 

For instance, if I were to try and figure out which year my copy of D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths would fit, I’d try typing it into the search bar, and follow the duck duck go link to a whole lot of nothing. 

I have a printout of the OLD master booklist to help me keep track of our books. So for instance, let’s say I want to see where The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich goes, I open my binder and start reading line upon line in minuscule print until I find it. 

There’s got to be an easier way! It seems like some computer savvy Ambleside user might have created a nice, intended for print, readable, PDF list (??? PLEASE???) 

Thank you!
Tech Support (Parent and Student Access)/RE: Booklist
I use the Google Drive document shared in this post.
Linda in NC
Tech Support (Parent and Student Access)/RE: Booklist
If you open the Master Booklist in the Google Sheets app, you may find that works well enough for viewing on your phone. And you can copy the document to your own Google Drive, and then you can mark the books you already have, sort in any way you want, etc.
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Tech Support (Parent and Student Access)/Booklist
What Kathy said plus, a google sheet is also searchable. I use my copy on my phone while at book sales to see if I already own a book or if it’s needed for any years.[Image: a497dfc1ebb8161c2df1aaa7dd93db23.jpg]

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