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We can't wait to see you at Camp Meeting!

AOCM Retreat info and FAQ below. (Click here to go directly to FAQ.)


AO Camp Meeting 2019

A springtime retreat for AO Moms
in the woods of Tennessee

featuring presentations by
the AmblesideOnline Advisory
and Auxiliary
and Progeny

two very special guests!
Cindy Rollins
Sheila Atchley

April 4-6

Imagine the retreat you always wanted to go to. Fresh country air, tall trees, a rippling creek, walking shoes, rich talks about living ideas, timeless wisdom shared with love, folk songs and hymns ringing the air, friendships old and new, lively conversations about books and beauty, stories and laughter and wonder. Simple gifts, freely shared.

This is AO Camp Meeting.

Come listen to presentations by AmblesideOnline's creators: Advisory members Karen Glass, Donna-Jean Breckenridge, Anne White, Wendi Capehart, Lynn Bruce, and Leslie Laurio. Sessions will include a broad range of talks deeply rooted in Charlotte Mason's Principles and burnished by years of experience.

― Soak up the wit and wisdom of Cindy Rollins, author of Mere Motherhood and The Morning Time Handbook, host of The Mason Jar podcast― and one of the original dozen AO moms!

― Hear helpful and illuminating talks by AO Auxiliary members Brandy Vencel, Naomi Goegan, Kathy Livingston, Lani Siciliano, and Amy Tuttle on both the why and how of a Charlotte Mason education.

― Be blessed by morning devotional messages at the creekside and evening vesper talks by firelight by Sheila Atchley. A noted Tennessee multi-media artist, author, pastor's wife, and gifted speaker with a passion for mentoring women, Sheila was also one of AO's original dozen moms!

― And back by popular request, the Progeny Panel―some of the Advisory's brood of the very first AO students, now grown!

― Afternoon nature walks, joyful singing, gentle immersions, and much more! We can't wait to meet you there!


Registration is SOLD OUT

#AOCM2019 is sold out. Please read this right away! It's everything you need to know to help you get lodging preferences and roomie arrangements all figured out and ready to click when registration opens on November 1.

Where: Camp Garner Creek, a Christian camp nestled in the woods near Dickson, Tennessee, west of Nashville.

What to do next: Choose the AO Camp Meeting Package that suits you best!

All AO Camp Meeting Packages include everything you need in one purchase:
1. Lodging for two nights
2. Six meals per person
3. Full registration for the AO Camp Meeting

Most packages feature indoor camping in Camp Garner Creek's seven rustic bunkhouse cabins conveniently located in the heart of the campground. There is also a limited number of hotel-style rooms available in one of the camp's two lodges.

Bunkhouses - SOLD OUT

The bunkhouse cabins are just steps down the path from the Tabernacle and the Dining Hall. The cabins are divided into small, very simple sleeping rooms with twin bunk beds lining the walls, and each cabin has a shared bathroom and two showers. Have a strong preference for an upper or lower bunk? No problem―there will be more than enough bunks in each cabin. Just like summer camp, you will need to bring linens (towel, pillow, and either sheets and blanket or a sleeping bag). For those flying in with limited baggage allowance, the camp has 50 bunkhouse linen sets (pillow, pillowcase, sheets, blanket, towel and washcloth) available for rental for an additional $16 at registration. These may be reserved at registration only, on a first-come, first-served basis. These linen rental sets are strictly reserved for air travelers. Thank you for understanding.

The bunk rooms may be simple and spare, but the atmosphere will be festive and fun! If you are willing to trade some creature comforts for the camaraderie of indoor camping, choose the bunkhouse experience!

$287 per person includes: Bunkhouse lodging for 2 nights, 6 meals, plus full registration for AO Camp Meeting.

Lodge rooms - SOLD OUT

All hotel-style lodge reservations will require one credit card transaction per room on the registration website. This means that for multiple roommates sharing a lodge room, one person must pay for all at registration checkout. (Apps such as Paypal, Square Cash, and Apple Pay can be used to quickly settle up with the person who will complete the registration purchase. Email addresses will need to be provided for all roomies. If you're the point person registering yourself and your roomies, and you don't have your friends' emails handy, you'll still be able to register, but you'll need to email us their addresses within 24 hours for your registration to be complete. Each camper will want to be on our email list to receive AOCM2019 retreat news!) We recommend deciding in advance whether the point person should register all parties for a bunkhouse cabin in the event that lodge rooms are sold out.

There are a limited number of each of the following types of rooms:

Double Occupancy 2/2
(2 double beds, 2 women)
$660 for 2
($330 per person)

Triple Occupancy 2/3
(2 double beds shared among 3 women)
$945 for 3
($315 per person)

Triple Occupancy 3/3
(1 double bed + 2 twin beds)
(same as above)

Quadruple Occupancy
(2 double beds shared among 4 women)
$1220 for 4
($305 per person)

Single Occupancy
(Mother & infant ONLY*)

(*Note: Single Occupancy is offered solely for mothers with nursing/bonding infants who will be under 12 months of age as of 4/19 who need a private room. This is a very limited number of rooms, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Single Occupancy rooms are not an option for other retreat attendees. Thank you for understanding.)

See the AOCM 2019 FAQ below for more information

AO Camp Meeting packages are non-refundable. Packages are transferrable at face value (ie packages may not be re-sold at a profit) as long as AO is provided the necessary information for the new registration holder by email at


AO Camp Meeting FAQ

Q1. How far is Camp Garner Creek from Nashville?
A. According to the camp website, 45 minutes. We encourage you to check a map/traffic app. The camp is about an hour's drive from the Nashville airport.

Q2. When does the retreat begin and end?
A. Check-in is at 3PM on Thursday, with the first plenary session beginning in the Tabernacle at 4:30PM. The retreat will conclude at 1PM on Saturday.

Q3. Can I commute?
A. Commuter registrations cannot be offered per our contract with the site. We think you'll really want to stay onsite, anyway― the camp is quite remote, and we have terrific things planned from sun-up to well past sundown!

Q4. Where will AO Camp Meeting registration be announced as open?
A. When registration opens on November 1, our AO Forum members will have early access to a live link to the registration portal from 6AM till noon (CST). At noon, open registration will be announced simultaneously on the AO Facebook groups and the @amblesideonline Instagram account, whereupon a live link to the registration portal will appear on this page

Q5. What about WiFi out there in the woods?
A. It's patchy at best. Your family can always reach you by calling the Camp Garner Creek office and leaving a message. A great opportunity to unplug for a couple of days!

Q6. Can I bring my puppy, my husband, my kids, my camper, my grandma?
A. We're sure they're all lovely . . . but not this time. This special time away is just for you, mom! But do bring pics!

Q7. Can I request special meals?
A. The Dining Hall at Camp Garner Creek serves balanced meals with a salad bar. They do not provide options for those with special dietary restrictions. Campers may pack personal snacks as desired (there may be a couple of refrigerators accessible to campers as well). Those with a serious medical condition that requires dietary caution are welcome to contact camp chef Marilyn directly at with the subject line "AO Camp Meeting."

Q8. Can I pay for a room but not meals?
A. Sorry, Camp Garner Creek does not offer this option.

Q9. What if I am an adventuresome sort at heart who loves the idea of bunkhouse atmosphere―but I also really need sleep to be human?
A. All bunkhouse cabins will have lights-out quiet time of 11PM. (The days will be packed with goodness and we want you to feel great!) Will there still be a bit of whispering and giggling in the dark? With AO moms? Umm, yes! So if you really, really need your sleep, shoot us an email containing your full name with "early-to-bed cabin" in the subject field after you receive confirmation, at We may be able to designate a cabin for super beauty sleeper moms.

Q10. My entire CM Book Group is coming to #AOCM2019! Is it possible for all of us to bunk in the same bunkhouse cabin? How many people can stay in one cabin?
A. Fun! We will see what we can do! Once everyone in your group is registered and confirmed, send a list of names to with "group bunkers" in the Subject field. The cabins have a capacity of about 50 people each, but we'll keep them a bit under capacity to give each cabin some breathing room. We expect to have 30-35 campers per cabin.

Q11. How might I find another AO mom to register for a lodge room with me?
A. Your best bet is the AO Forum. On the AO Facebook group, posts about personal arrangements for the retreat will disappear fast! So check the forum for AOCM2019 threads.

Q12. Can people come with me and crash in my lodge room if they are not registered to attend AO Camp Meeting?
A. Everyone on the campgrounds must be registered and must attend AOCM activities.

Q13. Can I stay in a bunkhouse cabin with my nursling?
A. The cabin rooms cannot accommodate babies. Best to tuck them in at the Lodge.

Q14. What if I'm flying with bag limits, but the bunkhouse linen sets are sold out?
A. We believe our wonderful AO Forum community will find creative and helpful solutions for this. Perhaps someone will coordinate a Walmart run for $3 pillows and inexpensive blankets, which could be donated to a local charity after the event. Or perhaps some local moms can bring extras. (UPDATE: Linen sets for the bunkhouses ARE sold out.)

Q15. I have a business. Can I bring things to sell as a vendor? Or maybe even just a few things to sell over lunch or in the bunkhouse?
A. No, sorry. Other than our AOCM Bookshop onsite, AO Camp Meeting is a commerce-free zone.

Q16. And finally, perhaps the most important question: Can I bring homemade treats to share with others in the bunkhouse or lodge?
A. Totally YES. And be sure to tell us where you're staying!