Conference Time!

We all stood in the hall so Lynn could introduce each of us. We were all nervous, standing and waiting for our name to be announced. We all laughed when we heard Lynn introduce "Karen Poland." That's when we knew that she was nervous, too! Then Lynn led the room in a hymn. I think everyone got emotional during Holy, Holy, Holy. I remember thinking, as I was singing, that I never in a million years imagined that I'd ever be standing between Karen Glass and Wendi Capehart, hearing their voices singing a hymn on either side of me!

Lynn led a hymn while Advisory members sang along in the front row.


I won't talk about what the topics were about, since others who took notes have already done a great job of that! I read my portion, not daring to take my eyes from the paper I was reading from for fear of losing my concentration and not being able to continue. (Read it here.) I listened to a lot of the conference from the nursery, or from the hall, because Baby M wouldn't stay with the teen helpers, and she wouldn't be still in the main room. Luckily, the speakers carried the sound all over the building, so I was able to catch quite a bit of what was said. I tried to meet as many people as I could during breaks, so I didn't even notice what foods were set out, but I know there were tables set up with drinks and snacks.

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