More at the Conference

Lynn held up mikes while the teen helpers sang a song, then she and her daughters sang.

The Advisory did a Question and Answer panel session.

At lunch, the Advisory members ate while reading through questions that people had written on slips of paper, trying to pick some to answer during the afternoon's Question and Answer session, and assigning some to specific Advisory members. For instance, since I've homeschooled three boys, I was assigned a question about doing CM with boys. It was a rushed lunch. I don't think we even got through all the questions before lunch was over and it was time to get back to the conference.

I answered my question near the beginning of the session, then had to leave. We had planned for the babies to play quietly on the steps of the stage while we answered questions, but Baby M got restless and then cranky and needed her nap. So I listened to most of the session from a bench in the hall with a nursing baby. After she fell asleep, I was able to carry her, sleeping, back in. So I got to be there for all of Lynn's session on scheduling. I listened to rest of it from the nursery after Baby M woke up. The church has a great speaker system!

After the conference was over, I talked to a few people, I was given a gift of little clay figurines made to look like my family by Lisa Ector's daughter, and a beaded bookmarker for my CM volumes made by Deborah Miller's daughter. I finally had a chance to go look at what people had brought for
show-and-tell--just in time to see papers and notebooks whisked off the table because it was time to clean up and leave the building! So I didn't see much of the show-and-tell items that everyone brought..

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