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AO Exam Form 2 C Term 2 -

AmblesideOnline Exam Questions Form 2 C Term 2 (*)

Student's Name _________________________

Date of Exam ____________________________


     1. Tell about Naboth's vineyard.

     2. Tell two miracles of Elisha.

     3. Describe the Last Supper.


     Write 4 lines of a poem that you memorized this term.


     (Assigned passage is in the Exam Key.)


     1. Tell about the Phoenix or the Unicorn.

     2. Based on Sandburg's poem, what do you think Chicago is like?

     3. Describe a scene from The Iliad.

English Grammar

     1. Underline every adjective, circle the adverb, and put brackets around prepositions in the following:

        a. Agesilaus, plainly clad as usual, came first to the meeting place, and, sitting down upon the grass under the tree, he began to eat his usual noonday meal of bread and onions.

        b. He had crossed it easily a few days before; but a sudden spring freshet had changed it into a raging torrent, which no one else would have ventured to enter.

        c. As Archimedes resignedly stepped down into the tub and lowered himself into the water, some of it sloshed out onto the floor.

        d. With his robes flapping and his beard blowing in the wind, Archimedes was everywhere about the city, placing the machines.

     2. Tell whether the italicized word is a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective or preposition.

     He hoped, that, under the philosopher's wise teachings, Dionysius would learn to be good and industrious, and thus become a blessing instead of a curse to his people.

     3. Write two sentences that use an adverb, an adjective and a preposition.


     1. Tell what you know about Spartan training.

     2. What do you know about Olympic games?

     3. Give some examples of the Bloody Laws of Draco or the Laws of Solon.

     4. Tell the story of Leonidas at Thermopylae.

     5. Tell about the Age of Pericles, or Alcibiades.

     6. Tell something about Alexander the Great.


     1.What do you know about Rio de Janeiro?

     2. Describe Gibraltar or Mount St. Michael.

     3. List five things that are mined from the earth.

Natural History and General Science

     1. Discuss in detail one of Archimedes' discoveries.

     2. Give examples of two evidences of design in the human body.

     3. What do you know about the coverings of animals?

     4. Choose one question matched to your term's Nature Study theme from here.

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)

     Question will be taken from this term's Plutarch. *

Reading Skill

     Father to choose an unseen passage, giving marks for enunciation.

Arithmetic/Geometry (Questions from your math program may be substituted.)

     1. What is 60 percent of 30?

     2. The original price of a bicycle is $138.00. If the bicycle is marked down 15 percent, what is the sale price?

     3. What is the product of 2/5 and 4/5?

Foreign Language

     1. Tell about a place you'd like to visit, and what you'd like to do there.

     2. Describe a picture in your language book, using your foreign language.

Picture Study

     1. Describe a picture from this term's picture study.


     Father should choose a poem, two Bible verses and/or a scene from Shakespeare learned this term for student to recite.

Music (such as playing an instrument)

     Parent or instructor should assess child's progress.

Music Appreciation

     1. Tell about your favorite piece of music from this term.

     2. Optional; question will be taken from this term's Composer Study. *


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.


     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family.