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AmblesideOnline Helpful Links

These links have not been checked by Advisory members for CM-compatibility.

Thanks to Missey Gray and Lisa Vos for compiling and formatting much this page!

Printable Forms and Schedules
Audio Books
    General maps
Language Arts
Nature Study
    Nature Study: Birds
    Sources of Science Videos
Art appreciation
Handicrafts and Games

Printable Forms and Schedules

AO member Carol H. discusses how she uses forms to organize her homeschool, and she has her own forms and lesson plans on her website.

CHASE SC Forms for keeping records, reading logs, time line forms and other useful pages. A .pdf reader is needed for most of the forms, but they are all free for the printing. information and many useful homeschool printables for those who are educating children.
The print-outs are in two formats, Adobe Acrobat and Rich Text Format.

Audio Books
From an AO member: "With this you can download many, many audio books and burn them to CD (no, it is not illegal as this company has paid for the rights to this). I joined their program where for $20 a month I can download 2 books of any cost."
From an AO member: "I received a flyer in the mail for The Childrens Classic Library. It consists of 40 audio cassettes (60 min each) for $49.95 including shipping. The stories are unabridged classics recorded during the golden age of radio these including sound effects, dramatization,and original music. Some of the titles are: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, Gulliver's Travels, Wind in the Willows, and Pinocchio to name a few. They also have, for the same price, a Family Classics Library with titles such as; A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Les Miserables, The Scarlet Letter, etc."
From an AO member: "They have only a handful of books available that I would want for my children. Their classics section is mostly Poe and Sherlock Holmes. And they do not have a seperate children's section. I read something about them on another site that made me curious so I downloaded part of one of the books and listed to it. The quality is not bad, but not especially good either. But, between each chapter is an advertisement for their web site. You can pay a fee and get a higher quality. I wonder if the ad is taken out of the higher quality."

Homeschool Radio Shows - Living Books for the Ears

Light Up Your Brain - Stories

Text-to-speech Software
From an AO member: ReadPlease is "a free download that will read the online books for your [child] in the font, size, speed and voice of your choice."

Wired for Books

Announcement-only email list for notifying members of audiobooks that are available for the books used in AmblesideOnline and House of Education. The files will contain links to those audiobooks and other audiobooks as selected by the moderator.

Places to Buy Used Books


Study Resource - Lectionary, Scripture Study, and Worship Links and Resources

A Bible commentary that Charlotte Mason used (incomplete)


An Island Story
These pages give some basic information about the Picts, the inhabitants of 'Scotland', prior to the 'Scots'.

A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston
This might be an optional extra for free reading or for those who want an American history spine for younger children.

The Kings and Queens of England

20th Century list online


Timeline cards

Map links

You can also find old Parents Review articles about history!
Go to and do a word search for all articles with the word "history" in the title.


General maps

World Atlas  (click area for closer, more detailed look)
US Atlas (scroll down to click on separate states and other geography options) (many links listed) (one for each state)
Historical Maps
Knowledge Quest (Bramley Books) has maps and geography helps for homeschoolers.


Are there six Great Lakes?

Whitefish Bay part 1
From an AO member: "Here are some more pretty good Great Lakes sites that caused us to pause and get sidetracked for a bit when Paddle reached Whitefish Bay and the Soo Locks. We got really interested in the Locks and in Great Lakes Shipwrecks and the fact that shipping stops on the Great Lakes in the wintertime (we are Texas folk, so it's hard for us to imagine anything being halted due to ICE!)"
Whitefish Bay part 2

Paddle-to-the-Sea and other Holling geography helps The Advisory advises caution in using Beautiful Feet guides as they are curriculums by themselves and will add a pretty big workload (as well as more books) to AO's already packed booklist, and may jeopardize the reflection time needed to savor what's already scheduled.

Language Arts





A Junior School English Course for Grades IX and X, by F.F. Potter, M.A., B.Sc., published in Canada by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons (Canada) Ltd., (Ruth Beechick style)


Graded Lessons in Grammar by Reed and Kellogg
This book is in line with the way Charlotte Mason taught grammar, beginning with the sentence before proceeding to how the parts of speech function within the sentence. Would make a first grammar text for a 10-11 year-old.

Graded Lessons in English an Elementary English Grammar: Consisting of One Hundred Practical Lessons
Higher Lessons in English: A work on English grammar and composition
Both of these books are by Brainerd Kellogg and Alonzo Reed.


Poet Index - List of 501 poets in chronological order, linked to biographical sketches and sample poems.

Year 1 - A.A. Milne

Year 2 - James Whitcomb Riley
From an AO member: "There is a section with scanned-in sheet music for some of his poems. The kids' section includes Little Orphant Annie, When the Frost is on the Punkin, and a couple of others."

Nature Study

Trout Lilies:

Dutchman's breeches:

Nature Study: Birds

Feeding birds part 2

Feeding Birds part 2 - Homemade Suet Cake recipe

Feeding Birds part 1 (facts)
Birdfeeders and Marvel Meal

Bird recipe collection

Bird Info and FAQ's

Backyard Wildlife - feeding birds

Safe/unsafe Kitchen Scraps

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Sources of Science Videos

Answers in Genesis
Moody Bible Institute/Moody Science Films
Master Books
BBC (some evolutionary language)
The Elijah Company
Rainbow Resource Center (no description)


Elementary Art Lesson Plans

Handicrafts and Art Lessons

Art appreciation

Art Books (these are not online)
    Claude Monet: Sunshine and Water Lillies by Steven Packard and True Kelley
    Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirley Stars by Brad Bucks and Joan Holub
    Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors by Kessie Johnson and Jane O'Connor
    Pablo Picasso Picasso: Breaking All The Rules by True Kelley
    Mary Cassatt: Family Pictures by Jane O'Connor
    Edgar Degas: Paintings that Dance by Kristin N. Cole


Medieval music
From an AO member: "Here is an interesting link that has some medieval music history on it."

Search for and download music
From an AO member: "I also wanted to mention a great site that is free that you can download just about any kind of music from. I downloaded all of the music for term 2 from it."

Quick Link for studying lots of songs:
Fife and Drum (midi 'fife') for a good number of Civil War Songs:

Classical Music

Hymns [now at]

Hymns for A Kid's Heart (4 volume set) for sale at


Traditional and folk games


Scored reading tests with AO books

Video Titles

"Incredible Creatures" by Dr. Jobe Martin

"Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"

Dinah Zike's book, Big Book of Projects has forms.


"The Link"

God's World News (current events)


Iowa Basics. Bob Jones University for about $35.00 and the practice tests are $10.00.


Free Typing Programs
        (for younger students; perhaps too twaddly for some?)
Test Your Typing Speed (most courses require 25 wpm to pass)

Word Whacker - Not free, but an enjoyable, basic no-nonsense typing program ($24.95 to register after downloading and testing the trial)