AmblesideOnline Acronyms and Abbreviations

culled from several sources by Tammy Bosher

100EL - "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons", reading instruction book
13yob or 13yos - "13-year-old boy or 13-year-old son"
11yog or 11yod - "11-year-old girl or 11-year-old daughter"
ACT - "American College Test", standardized test for entrance to some colleges and universities
ADD - "attention-deficit disorder"
ADHD - "attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder" (this term, ADHD, is now preferred)
AIS - An Island Story, a world history text by HE Marshall, also titled Our Island Story
AOF - Age of Fable, a book about mythology by Bulfinch
AO - ""AmblesideOnline", a free online Charlotte Mason curriculum; in other circles, AO can be "Alpha Omega", a Christian curriculum publisher
AOL - "America On Line," internet service
ASL - "American Sign Language"
AVKO - AVKO Dyslexia & Spelling Foundation: (audio visual kinesthetic oral) multisensory teaching materials
B4FIAR - "Before Five In a Row", preschool literature-based curriculum
bashing - "assaulting (or attacking) the sender, not the opinion expressed in the note"
BB - The Birth of Britain, Churchill's history text
BFIAR - "Beyond Five-in-a-Row", upper elementary literature-based curriculum, ages 8-12
BIL - "Brother-in-law"
BJ, BJU, BJUP - "Bob Jones University Press", a Christian curriculum publisher
BF - "Beautiful Feet", a literature-based Christian history curriculum by Rea Berg
BTW - "By The Way"
BWG - "Big Wide Grin, Big Wicked Grin"
CBD - "Christian Book Distributors", mail-order book retailer in Pennsylvania
CGC - "Considering God's Creation", a Christian science curriculum
CHOW - "Child's History of the World", a history book by Virgil M. Hillyer, former headmaster of Calvert School
CLP - "Christian Liberty Press", a Christian curriculum publisher
CM - "Charlotte Mason", 19th-century British educator; can also refer to her theories and method
dd - "dear or darling daughter"
detox - "detoxification", the process of purging the poor attitudes and habits of public/private school; the adjustment process for a student coming out of a classroom into a home education setting
dh - "dear or darling husband", "dearest heart"
ds - "dear or darling son"
dsd - "dear or darling step daughter"
dss - "dear or darling step son"
ETC - "Explode the Code", series of phonics workbooks
FAR - "Far Above Rubies", Christian high school unit study curriculum for girls
FAQ - "Frequently Asked Questions"
flame - "post a disparaging message or series of messages"
FIAR - "Five In A Row", lower elementary grades literature-based curriculum, ages 4-8
FIIR - "For Instruction In Righteousness", a Doorpost guide for character-building
FIL - "father-in-law"
FWIW - "For what it's worth"
FYI - "For Your Information"
GCB - "Great Christian Books", mail-order/retail bookstore in Maryland
GWS - "Growing Without Schooling," unschooling magazine related to John Holt; the oldest homeschooling magazine
GWW - George Washington's World, a history book by Genevieve Foster
HEO - "House of Education" , A free online CM curriculum schedule
HS, HSing, HSer - "homeschool, homeschooling, homeschooler"
HSLDA - "Home School Legal Defense Association"
HTH --- "Hope this helps"
IEP - "Individualized Education Plan," mandated for students in some categories by federal law, intended for all students under some planned implementations of outcome-based education
ILL - Intermediate Language Lessons, a language arts program by Emma Serl
IMHO --- "In my humble/honest/halfbaked opinion"
JMHO - "Just my humble opinion"
KWIM --- "Know what I mean?"
LD - "learning disabled"
LLATL, LLAL - "Learning Language Arts Through Literature", language arts curriculum using excerpts from literature as the foundation for all aspects of language
LOL - "laugh out loud", or "lots of love"
lurker - someone who reads notes and replies but doesn't post (This is perfectly acceptable behavior, despite the connotation of the word "lurker", but we welcome you to participate if you want to!)
MEP - Mathematics Enhancement Programme. An online math curriculum
MIL - "mother-in-law"
MkMM - "Making Math Meaningful," a CM-friendly commercial mathematics curriculum by David Quine, not to be confused with the one below with the almost identical name
MMdM - "Math Made Meaningful," a mathematics curriculum that uses Cuisenaire rods, not be confused with the one above with the almost identical name
MOH - "Mystery of History", a history program
MOTH --- "Managers of Their Homes", home management program by Steven and Teri Maxwell, helping homeschooling families to get control of their time and form a workable routine
MUS - "Math-U-See", a commercial mathematics curriculum
NAEP - "National Assessment of Education Progress," a testing program in reading, writing, math, and science conducted by ETS for the federal government
NCTE - "National Council of Teachers of English," a professional association that has established guidelines for English curricula
NCTM - "National Council of Teachers of Mathematics," a professional association that has established guidelines for math curricula
NEA - "National Education Association," founded in the 19th Century, now the largest association of schoolteachers, functioning as a labor union in states that permit collective bargaining
newbie - "newcomer, either to homeschooling or to a particular discussion board or forum, or both"
NT, nt - "No Text", the subject line contains the entire message
OBE - "outcome-based education," a program of purported school reform (variously described as principally a management reform or principally a curriculum reform) already mandated in several states, in experimental implementation in various places
OIS - Our Island Story, a world history text by HE Marshall, also titled An Island Story
OT - "Off Topic"
OTOH - On the other hand
P&P - Pride and Prejudice; in CM circles, it often refers to the the BBC/A&E miniseries based on the book
PLL - Primary Language Lessons, a language arts program by Emma Serl
PNEU - Parent's National Educational Union (the name of Charlotte Mason's educational association)
PP - Pilgrims Progress by Bunyan; outside of AO it can mean "Prairie Primer", unit-study curriculum based on the Little House series of books
PR - Parents Review, the magazine Charlotte Mason sent to parents and teachers at the turn of the century
PS - "public school"
Q&A - "question and answer"
R&S - "Rod & Staff", a Christian curriculum publisher
ROFL - "Rolling on the Floor, Laughing"
SAHD - "stay-at-home dad"
SAHM - "stay-at-home mom"
SAT - (1) "Scholastic Aptitude Test," a test used for college entrance published by Educational Testing Service
SAT - (2) "Stanford Achievement Test," an achievement test used in primary and secondary grades to evaluate student progress
Saxon - "Saxon Publishers", a secular math, science, and phonics curriculum publisher
SIL - "sister-in-law"
SIN/P - "single parent"
SL - "Sonlight" - curriculum publisher
SOM - Story of Mankind, a world history text by Hendrick Van Loon
SOTW - "Story of the World" - a series of history texts by Susan Wise Bauer of The Well Trained Mind
SSRW - "Sing Spell Read & Write", phonics and reading program
T&T - Trial and Triumph, a book about saints
TIA - "Thanks in Advance"
TCOO - This Country of Ours, an American history text by HE Marshall
thread - "series of replies attached to a note, a topic on a forum"
TOG - Tapestry of Grace - a literature-based curriculum
TPTB - "the powers that be"
TQ - Truthquest, a literature-based history curriculum
TTFN - "ta-ta for now"
TTYL - "talk to you later"
TOAFK - "The Once and Future King," a king Arthur book used in AO year 7
TWTM - "The Well-Trained Mind", a classical education book by Susan Wise Bauer
TUAC - "Train Up A Child", both a book and a listserv, although one has nothing to do with the other
URL --- "Universal Resource Locator" (Web site address: http://www)
w/ - "with"
w/o - "without"
WWOL - "Wisdom's Way of Learning", a book by Marilyn Howshall
YMMV - "your mileage may vary"

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