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Full Version: ATTN: Parents of teens - Do you know about the HEO Teen Area of the forum?
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Dear Parents,

As it is soon after the beginning of the traditional school year, we thought this was a good time to remind you about the HEO student area of the forum. For those parents who do not have students already participating in the HEO student area, but would like more information:

The HEO student area is comprised of 2 sections. There is an area in which only the HEO teens can interact, then a second area that allows the parents of HEO teens to interact with all the HEO teens. The second section is a great place for book discussions! The HEO teen areas are only viewable by the teens and the parents of said teens. Your student must be at least 13 to participate because of legalities with children and the internet and they must be actively using HEO for their homeschooling.

To have your teen join the HEO area, you can find more information here:

When signing your teen up to join, please be sure to go over both the rules for the forum in general and the rules that are specific to the HEO forum itself.
The link, according to my computer does not work. Here is that again
Crazy. It worked fine before I posted it (I checked it!) and they look the same until you hover. I have no idea why the link stopped working when I copy/pasted it here.
Two more years! No, wait! One year and 8 months! I can't wait! What a great opportunity to make friends (just like his mom has) with fellow AOers.
my son is old enough now, yay!
I'm trying to get my 14 year old interested, but she is just skeptical of all online stuff. Maybe one day, I would love for her to connect with other AO students.