If you have a TEEN, please read
Tech Support (Parent and Student Access)/If you have a TEEN, please read
We invite your teenaged AO students to come join the student area of this forum. Only teens, the moderators of the teen area, and Advisory/Auxiliary will be able to participate in everything there; parents of teens will have read-only access to the general chat and will be able to post in the Parent/Teen area. No one else will be able to see that area and what your children are writing. We're really trying to keep it safe and private for them, so we ask that you would follow these steps to get them in.

Your student must be at least 13 to participate because of legalities with children and the internet.

If you want your teen to join:
1.  Send an email to aoforum@amblesideonline.org with
  • your username, 
  • your teen's birthdate, 
  • your teen's desired username
  • the email address you'd like to use for the teen's account (other teens can't see it). The teen's email address can be the same as yours or different.
2. Wait for an email with a temporary password, sent to the address you emailed from. Your teen should reset that password to something personal and memorable and then join the fun!

UPDATE: If you don't hear from us in the day or two after you write to me, please look in spam folders. If you don't find anything, then please let us know. We're usually really quick with this. It shouldn't take days and days to get into the teen forum. :)
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Tech Support (Parent and Student Access)/RE: If you have a TEEN, please read
Here's how to add your teen to the forum. You can also find these instructions in the Help area (upper right in a browser).
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