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Full Version: Happy 15th Birthday, AO!
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(Click it!)
I LOVE the graphic.  [Heart <3]

Happy Birthday, AO. You have changed my life for the better and I look forward to spending many more birthdays with you.
I can't see the graphic :-( It says I don't have permission...

But happy birthday anyway:) [balloon smilie]
Happy birthday and thank you for your hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Job well done ladies. <3 <3
Wow! Happy birthday, AO!

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15 years of enriching lives! Thank you and Happy B-day! :)

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Happy Birthday AO. Thank you!

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[Heart <3]
So thankful for AO in our life!! It has been a true blessing and rich resource for us. Our family has used AO since 2005. Our boys are heading into 8th and 12th grades respectively. Once we caught on to the AO system, we never looked back. Bravo to AO and to all the hardworkers making it happen.
Happy birthday, AO!

I was in Colorado and had just finished PUO Year 1 with my kids. A month later we were packing up to move to Alaska. We have done AO while living in Alaska, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

Hip, hip, huzzah!!!!!
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