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Full Version: Happy 15th Birthday, AO!
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Happy Birthday AO!! Your collective wisdom, hard work, faithfulness, and love have blessed my family and I in immeasurable ways!
Happy birthday, AO. My deepest thanks to the Advisory who labored to birth this blessing and the Auxiliary who keep striving to grow and improve it. My family has been blessed beyond words.
I'm new to AO but looking forward to sticking around for the next 12 or 15 years. I've already been so encouraged and challenged.
What a lot has been accomplished in 15 years, even without slick packaging. God has enabled you ladies to bless so many! May you continue to be blessed and He, glorified!
The generous gifts given here are overwhelming! Thank you to all who give so willingly so we can educate ourselves and our children in such an inspiring way.

Happy Birthday!  I feel like AO is so much more than a curriculum that we use for school, but right now I lack the words to describe its place in our lives.  So I'll just stick with saying that AO has enriched our lives so much more than I can express, and I can't imagine using anything else in our homeschool journey.  [Heart <3]
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