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Full Version: Geography Addition: Years 4-6
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We added two resources to Years 4, 5 and 6 for geography:

Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel (amazon link)

What the World Eats by Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel (amazon link) or Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio (amazon link)

These are listed as resources to supplement geography, and they have not been added to the weekly schedules.

How to use these books:
Leave them laying out, preferably near a globe or world map, and browse through them together from time to time.
Leave them laying out, browse through them and maybe once a month pick a country that especially interests your child. Look it up (briefly) on Wikipedia or in a good Atlas. Read a little bit more about it. Find it on a map or globe.
If your child is interested, he can pursue additional research in his free time and learn more about countries that particularly interest him, but this should be his own delight directed study or hobby.
How not to use these books: as the basis of a unit study or a burdensome checklist of additional tasks to fulfill.
[cheesy grin]  We have used and loved both books here--so glad to see them added to AO.
How cool!
We love these books!

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That is just the sort of thing I was looking for to supplement AO geography. Thank you advisors!
Thank you! These look like great additions!
I got these from the library a few years ago and loved I can convince myself to purchase them. [:P cheesy, cheesy!]
We've had two of these books for years but I just picked up What the World Eats at a library sale. Looks great!
What is the difference between the two 'what the world eats' books?
I looked through What the World Eats and I like it a bit better than Hungry Planet. They both picture families from around the world along with a week's worth of food, etc. IDK, I just like What the World Eats better. One may be a bit newer, as well.
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