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Full Version: AO 2.0 is On Its Way
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Coming Soon: AmblesideOnline is putting the final touches on a streamlined version of AO that can be done with groups of students in Form I (grades 1-3), Form II (grades 4-6) and Form III (grades 7-8 or 9). Are you thinking of doing AO in a co-op setting? Are you hoping to start a CM cottage school? Perhaps you need a way to streamline a large family into a couple of Years? AO 2.0 may be just what you're looking for!

Hold your questions while we get to work settling a few last details and getting this into a presentable format. We can share this much: this plan uses many of the same high quality books that AO is known for, with weekly schedules to help pace your year. AO 2.0 will have the same high standards and rich ideas that AmblesideOnline has always had, in a pared down, simplified version designed especially for groups . . . all of it true to Charlotte Mason's principles, and like AO's regular curriculum, all free for groups to use (you still have to buy your own books!)
In case you were wondering if this meant the regular version of AO is being replaced -- no, the AO that's been around for over fifteen years will still be around, but now there will be two versions -- one for families who can place students in their own individual year, and one especially for cottage schools and co-ops where grouping kids is a necessity.
HALLELUJAH!!!! This is gonna be AWESOME!!!
WOW! You guys sure do work hard!
This is the third time I have thanked you all for this today!! Thank you!
(06-18-2017, 03:10 PM)Oakblossoms Wrote: [ -> ]This is the third time I have thanked you all for this today!!  Thank you!
No amount of words or repetition can express the gratitude I have for the amazing women of the AO Advisory (and Auxiliary!), so I think your third "thank you" of the day is entirely appropriate.  [Oopsies! I'm so embarrassed!]
Very excited!!!! AO has done it again!
I am excited to learn more, even though I don't have a school or co-op in which to implement it - YET!

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I'm down to only one left, but I can see this as a great resource for those with children close together. What a blessing the Advisory are to homeschool moms!

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Eagerly waiting to hear more...:)
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