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Full Version: AmblesideOnline and Your Privacy
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January 24-28 is Data Privacy Week. As privacy becomes more of an ongoing concern, we would like to let AO users know that we are committed to respecting your privacy, and that we have actively taken the following steps:

We do not track website visitors via google analytics.

Our webpage search links to DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

We have set up official AO emails on accounts that are more private.

We offer privacy-focused alternatives for support via our forum and MeWe group.

The AmblesideOnline website has never required javascript or tracking cookies.

AmblesideOnline has never required a sign-up process to use our curriculum or knowingly collected data from our users.

staysafeonline dot org
You know, I've never noticed/ thought slot the AO website having no cookies popup! How delightful!
I LOVE AO so much! It is the only pleasant place online I know of. Everything else bombards me with adds and movies and lights. Because I get sensory overload easily, it's really nice to have a pleasant online. It's also really nice to have a place I can go without feeling like I'm selling my soul!
I love that you have made it so easy for us to get the best of both world. Search and still remain untracked. thanks so much.