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Full Version: Email Difficulties
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If you emailed and didn't get a response, please email again. Our responses are being blocked by gmail and some other email providers. Now that I know that, I can respond through a different account until we reolve the problem. I just sent out responses to everyone I emailed over the last month, hoping to catch most of the failed messages.
Kathy, thank you for all of the work you do here!
You're welcome!
Adding may help you receive the emails from us. Right now, most of you probably aren't receiving any emails from us at all, even ones you've requested or replies to emails you have sent us.
Adding "" to your address book may help you receive emails from us. Gmail seems to have allowed us back in, but some other email providers have not.

If you contacted us and haven't heard back within 24 hours, please contact us again. I'll reply from a different email address in that case to be sure the message isn't blocked.
True story! it happened to me. Thanks for your diligence and hard work, Kathy.