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For a few days in Dallas, the Advisory of AmblesideOnline met together in person. Our work takes place daily online as it has for decades, but sometimes the Lord makes a way for us to spend time face to face. We treasure every moment.

The last gathering was four years ago - when there were six of us. We miss Wendi Capehart and Lynn Bruce every single day- and no one will replace them. Our love for them - and theirs for us - stays with us.

The Lord continues to give us joy, strength, and vision for this life-work that we love. We are so grateful. We ask your continued prayers for us as we carry on - that we would hear His voice, follow His path, and sense His presence.
“Great is Thy faithfulness…
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be.”

With strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
Donna-Jean Breckenridge
Karen Glass
Leslie Laurio
Anne White

[Image: c2dfe7919e45306a3c052716e0663c31.jpg]
[Image: bfbf5ca79d739f496f37c3422dad2f90.jpg]
[Image: fc6dc6e5e9a3bf9fd8b1a1fe9ed3655c.jpg]

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love love love this so much! Many prayers for you all!
Oh thank you all. The beauty you have made available for so many is a treasure.
Thank y’all. AO has been such a blessing to my family.
Thank you for your service to our families and the homeschooling community!

And, thank you for the pictures! It is nice to see all you beautiful ladies.
Agreed! I love seeing your lovely faces. I will be praying for you all. Thank you for your dedication and love for this work and this community. It has blessed my family immeasurably.
So thankful for your work and labor in the Lord to provide the richness that is AO!

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I am so glad you all got together! Blessings on you all!
Thank you for your life work and your generosity!

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Thank you for all you have done. Praying for each of you
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