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Conference audio! - AO Forum - 07-18-2016

This past May, we were honored and excited to gather in a humble patch of Texas prairie. For months, we planned and prayed over every hour of that time together. Our deep-in-the-heart desire was for that conference to bless the boots off of our attendees. God met us, and we had three golden days of AO goodness, under the big Texas sky.  

And now - it's your turn! We want to share that Deep in the Heart of AO conference with you. From the very beginning, AmblesideOnline has been about growing and learning together in community. All of this began with a handful of newfound online friends wading into the unknown deeps of Charlotte Mason's six astonishing, all-but-forgotten books. As her timeless ideas came to life in our midst, they brought purpose, delight, clarity, ease, and beauty into our family learning endeavors. So we decided to recreate Mason's rich PNEU school curriculum for our children.

The AO Advisory never dreamed that this thing we did for the love of our own children would grow up to become a non-profit educational foundation. Today, the AO community numbers far into the thousands, and circles the globe. It's always AO time somewhere!

So join us - we will be releasing audio files from the conference, one at a time, so you can savor the riches and the fellowship. Our first one is the opening plenary by Advisory member Donna-Jean Breckenridge, on "Renewing the Mind: Homeschooling in Hard Times." For our 15th anniversary celebration, we want to offer it for .99 the first day. The price will return to $5 after that.

We're delighted to be able to share this with you!

Conference audio! - laurke - 07-18-2016

Awesome! Got it :)

RE: Conference audio! - Tammy Glaser - 07-18-2016

Congratulations on the nonprofit!!!!!

RE: Conference audio! - Ola Snyder - 07-18-2016

Got it, thank you! telling all my CM friends!!

RE: Conference audio! - BecTasmanian - 07-18-2016

Got it!

RE: Conference audio! - jtaranas - 07-18-2016

Thank you!

RE: Conference audio! - Dawn Duran - 07-18-2016

Yip yip yippee!! I'm thrilled to be able to add these wonderful talks to my library to feel some CM inspiration and AO love anytime I need it. Thank you so much!

RE: Conference audio! - Tammy Glaser - 07-18-2016

Exactly when does the price go up. Technically if you posted earlier this afternoon, it's only been up for half a day. You know how picky we math people are. I want to share on my feed but not disappoint those who count every penny.

Conference audio! - Donna-Jean - 07-18-2016

Tammy, someone else can give the exact time - but I think it would be late tomorrow afternoon, by my count.

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RE: Conference audio! - Nelleke - 07-18-2016

Thank you!