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If you need help registering, setting up your account, and getting started here, Naomi has made two wonderful video tutorials to walk you through all that:

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Phyllis in Ukraine, with Jaan (AO grad), Raia (AO grad), Asya (age 16), Bogdan (age 13)
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If the videos don't show up for you here, the direct links are
Phyllis in Ukraine, with Jaan (AO grad), Raia (AO grad), Asya (age 16), Bogdan (age 13)
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Thank you so much very helpful!
by His grace,
Denise Willer
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Thanks for your help.
Announcements/RE: Help videos
your videos helped me climb the wall of getting myself weaned from the old group to getting on the forum. thanks for making the learning curve easier! it made a difference for me!
kyong a
gilbert AZ
Announcements/RE: Help videos
I joined the forum a few weeks back but really didn't have the time explore it much. Today-I am down with a head cold and don't feel like doing much so I hopped on here and found the help videos. They were really well done and very helpful. I hope some of the moms that were having problems getting started on the forum would take a few minutes and watch these. I thought I would really miss all the email posts and that I wouldn't use the forum much because it seemed like it would take more time. I actually think it will be a time saver because I can now just read those sub-forums that pertain to me. Well done ladies of the Advisory/Auxiliary :)
Jodi-Marie:wife, Mama, Mom-inlaw, and Nana
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