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(10-12-2023, 02:13 PM)CrazyMama Wrote: How does a person get their library to have this book?

Well in my case I am married to the Librarian [Heart <3] [Leave me alone. I'm reading.] [cheesy grin]

But depending on how home-school friendly your library is in general ...and the particular librarian that is in charge of the nonfiction section... and how much book budget they have left in the year if they even had a book budget at all [:P cheesy, cheesy!] you simply go online or in person to the main desk and ask to do a purchase request once the book is released.

It also helps to get your friends to request it as well.

And along that note make it a habit to check out any available CM books and good living books and classics regularly even if you have read them even if you only keep it a day or two that way there is consistent check out records for good books and they are more likely to keep it on the shelves and buy a new good books because they have notable circulation numbers to justify to the city/county etc...
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