New Members: Help Us Test an Email Project!
Announcements/New Members: Help Us Test an Email Project!
ARE YOU NEW to AO and/or CM? Would you like to help us test a new project by taking a crash course in CM?

1. WHO CAN DO THIS? All AO moms are welcome. This is specifically for new moms, but any of our friends are welcome to check it out and give us feedback. :-)

2. WHAT'S REQUIRED? For this part of the project, you need to join the AO Forum, since the beta testing will only be happening there.

3. HOW DOES IT WORK? Every couple of days, a new topic will be posted in a specific area of the forum. It will be brief.

4. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? All you have to do is read it. That's all. If you want to give feedback, ask questions, talk about it, that is more than welcome, but you are only obligated to read the new posts as they get posted.

5. WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING? The very first topic will be posted tomorrow -- Monday! But you can catch up if you join after it's already been posted.

5. CAN YOU TELL ME MORE? There are 36 of these topics -- the eventual plan is to email these out once a week to moms who are in their first year of using AO. We know homeschooling can be overwhelming, learning about CM can be an intimidating prospect, and AO itself can seem daunting. We're hoping to ease a new mom's first year with some encouragement and a very basic but gentle introduction to CM.

6. HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS? Check out the newest part of the AO forum -- we're calling it "The Patio," because it's a comfortable place for brand new AO users who are unsure where to go in the regular forum, hesitant to post for fear of posting in the wrong place, wondering if their question will seem dumb. We're inviting them to our Patio, where they can check things out without committing to come all the way in to the rest of "the house."
The Patio area of our forum is at
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