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“Standing in the need of prayer” are the words to the old spiritual, and they are true of us as well.

We on the AmblesideOnline Advisory are calling for an AO Day of Prayer, Wednesday, December 4th.

First, we humbly ask prayer for the leadership of AO Educational Foundation. The members of our Advisory -Lynn Bruce, Wendi Capehart, Karen Glass, Leslie Laurio, Anne White, and Donna-Jean Breckenridge - are going through some very intense trials right now, our Auxiliary members -  Phyllis Hunsucker, Naomi Goegan, Brandy Vencel, Kathy Livingston, Lani Siciliano, and Amy Tuttle -are also experiencing some great difficulties, and we ask prayer for our faithful Moderators as well.

Second, we ask prayer for the work itself - please pray for God’s protection and provision for every aspect of AmblesideOnline.

And thirdly, we want to lift up our entire AO Family in prayer, for your families, your walk with God, your homeschools, your cottage schools and co-ops, your marriages, your health and well-being.
“These things goeth forth only by prayer.” #aodayofprayer We will be praying for your needs as well!
Honored to be an Advisory Member. Mom to 4 (all grown), Mom-Mom to 5 (2 that I homeschool). 
God is safe to trust!

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