AmblesideOnline Poetry Anthologies!
Announcements/AmblesideOnline Poetry Anthologies!
Some exciting news today!

AmblesideOnline Educational Foundation officially presents "AmblesideOnline Poetry Anthology." These six different volumes correspond to the first six years of AO's poetry selections. They are available in paperback and Kindle (please note: two versions are lagging slightly behind: Volume 5 in paperback, and Volume 3 in Kindle are not quite ready, but hope to join the rest shortly), and you can find them on Amazon.

You may have noticed some changes in our poetry line-up recently. Those changes, along with notations, forewords, introductions, and individual poet biographies, all written by our AmblesideOnline Advisory, are a part of these six volumes.

To use our poetry selections on AmblesideOnline, you can always access our website, where everything continues to be free - and where everything will always be free! But if you would prefer to read our poetry anthologies from a book you hold in your hands, this is for you!

For all the links to order, go to:

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