Please Read: Regarding Ambleside Online's Copyright Policy
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(08-30-2013, 04:31 AM)Hunter Wrote: Back before I knew what AO was, I would occasionally stumble upon an article here during research, and copy and paste part of it with a link, in a thread at TWTM forum.

I am not so sure that crosses any line -- the general gist is that if you're encouraging others to use the AO website, you're probably fine (and posting a portion of an article with a link to read the rest of it is generally fine across the internet; I see people do that all the time with blog posts and news articles and such). It's websites that are posting AO's entire Year 1 Booklist, or one of Anne White's entire Plutarch studies, or AO's entire 12-year composer line-up, or an entire year's weekly schedules, so that there's no need to use the AO website. And it's not that we're persnickety about the number of visitors -- the fact is, we don't keep track of web visitors, and we gain nothing from how many website visitors we have. It's more the subtle transference of moving parts of AO to another website and slowly ending up appearing as if AO's material originated somewhere else, or as if a tweaked version of AO was someone else's original work, or as if AO's material is public domain and free for the taking. Any of those undermines the AO project itself, and we're seeing all of those things happening, and it's alarming to us.
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