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(08-30-2013, 04:31 AM)Hunter Wrote: Back before I knew what AO was, I would occasionally stumble upon an article here during research, and copy and paste part of it with a link, in a thread at TWTM forum. As I said, I really didn't have any idea of the entirety of this website, or that a forum existed, or anything more than the single article I was discussing with others.

I think I crossed the line of what is being asked now, and I am sorry for that. It would be too hard to go back and find those old posts. I don't think you are asking that? But I am sorry for being ignorant. Lots of times other websites like to have the publicity, or are allowing free sharing, and I didn't mean any harm.

Until I signed up at the forum here, I really didn't know what AO was. I am a LOT more careful now in copying and pasting a bit of an article. But I'm sorry about old posts.

We do appreciate your good faith and sincerity. And, no, we are definitely not asking you to go back and find old messages you posted to another discussion board somewhere. We do like to have people talk *about* the curriculum and share how they are using it. We have never asked people not to talk about the curriculum or even quote from our website.
Copying and pasting parts of an article for discussion is also always fine- although of course, it's always been basic good practice to always source anything you copy and paste from somewhere else, and copyright law (not us, but actual law) does place limitations on how much can legally be reposted.

While it's possible, I really doubt a discussion on a message board would reach the level of copyright violation we're talking about.
We're talking about far more obvious violations than occasional comments on a message board. I think you're fine.;)

Also, in general, my experience is that those who feel the most contrite probably have the least to worry about. Different topic, but similar result, back when the email list was really active, any time we'd request that the discussion get back on topic, or back down from the heated direction it was going, or whatever- we'd receive several very sweet, very polite and contrite comments from nice ladies apologizing for stretching the rules- and not one of them had even come close and we were not even thinking of any of them when we posted the request. The actual offenders almost never apologized (please, please, don't anybody read this and apologize to me for doing this. I did not keep a 'hit list' and don't remember any names to associate with such behavior, but i am almost certain if you feel like apologizing, you probably aren't one of them).
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