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(08-31-2013, 11:15 PM)Mum to 3 boys in England Wrote: Forgive my ignorance on the whole area of copyright/internet writing etc - i have never had a need to read up on it and what not - I have a very small basic blog - i don't get to write on it half as often as i would like because i am relatively new to home schooling (boys were pulled out of public school 2 yrs ago but only discovered cm in the last year) so i have not wanted to blog about much while we have been so transitional but i was hoping in the future (with experience under my belt) to blog very specifically what i have used and how - that is going to include how we schedule out, writing down lists of books we have used for different yrs - chances are 50 - 60% of the books i use will match your lists somewhere on here with the other 40% being my own choices / substitutions as living in UK some books are difficult to source or expensive or just not available over here - will that be infringing on your rights?

If you are not copying and pasting large portions of the AO website to your blog, and if you think about it at all, it's very unlikely that you will infringe. If we know who you are, and you ask "can I post what we're doing and how we're making this work in the UK?" there is a very good chance we'd give permission anyway, and merely ask you to include a link to the AO website and a "Used with permission" note if you were sharing more than a bit.

Thank you for asking!!!
 Karen Glass, mom of four with only one daughter left at home.
Author of Consider This and Mind to Mind , Know and Tell , and In Vital Harmony.

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