Please Read: Regarding Ambleside Online's Copyright Policy
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(11-04-2018, 11:49 AM)LynnBruce Wrote: Over the past 20 years, countless people have approached us directly, privately, and respectfully to inquire if they could make money off of our work. I can't even describe what that looks like from our vantage point, but we always try to respond with courtesy to those who approach us with courtesy. 

If I am reading correctly, ccsdg, you want to sell AO-branded merchandise even if the AO Advisory board disapproves-- as long as there is a legal loophole in our non-profit foundation's license agreement.

You are making sure we cannot protect our own work, even while you are checking to make sure you could protect yours.

In two decades of the Advisory providing this curriculum for free at great personal expense, this is possibly the most disrespectful request we have ever received.

The only entity that has any right to create and sell AO-branded merchandise of any kind is the AmblesideOnline Educational Foundation, and if the Board of AOEF ever chooses to do so, it will be to generate funds to improve AO's infrastructure and resources, and to keep the curriculum freely available for everyone into our old age and beyond. 

Everyone including you and your children.

I'm deeply shocked, and a little hurt.  I thought that asking clearly and openly would be more respectful than simply flying under the radar and doing my own thing anyway, and that asking in a public space would make it clear for other people considering the same course of action and prevent you having to reply to multiple private messages.  If I don't ask, how can I know?  Is it rude to ask for clarity?  (a real question, not rhetorical - please answer if you have an answer)

There is most definitely some confusion.  Let me clarify my intention.  If it was clear and obvious that the AO Advisory disapproved of selling my designs, of course I would respect that, and I hope I have already clarified that in my last post.  In fact, it was not clear to me (eg linking on a blog, which requires design of my choice), therefore, I asked. This is a hypothetical question - I have never designed anything with AO's name in it, and now that I know clearly that they do not want me to do this, I quite obviously will not. I am very sad that this question has caused offense.

Far be it from me to try to exploit your license.  I was hoping to inform you that you hadn't mentioned the name, and that perhaps you should update the license.  I find your response hurtful and baffling.

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