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(11-04-2018, 02:29 PM)LynnBruce Wrote: Cheryl, thank you for coming back to clarify your intentions. Of course it is not rude to ask us for clarity, but it helps a great deal if you ask your questions with the same clarity you are asking for. I'm going to ask you to objectively read the part of your original post which I quoted in my response, and I hope you can see how others--several others, not just myself--have read it to say that you were asking if you can design a new AO logo and sell it, even if the Advisory doesn't like it. This is what your words communicate, whether or not that is what you intended to communicate. Your wording of the question asked, essentially, if you can take our name, rebrand it in your own way, and use it for profit and/or share it on social media, even if we don't like it. If your wording choice does not accurately reflect your true intention, surely you will agree that those who have misunderstood your meaning cannot fairly be blamed for that. 

I am glad to hear you saying now that you meant something different, and I thank you for your spirit in agreeing to honor our license. Our responses were not meant to be sledgehammer responses but they were meant to be clear, because we have learned the hard way that unfortunately we do have to be perfectly, crystal clear when we say no to these sorts of things. We do not enjoy doing this heavy stuff. All we really want to do here is help other mothers educate their children; that is where our hearts are.

In your response to me, you repeated your question about whether you can distribute logos for free which you create using our name. Wendi answered this, above, when she said, "No, you may not." That was an answer to both aspects of your question-- both selling and sharing. We are not aware of any foundation, corporation, or business which allows individuals to create unauthorized logos and images using their branded name, which the individuals then distribute/sell on their own. AO does have professionally designed logos and symbols of our choosing, and we have a commissioned multi-media artist working closely with us to create additional logos, images, and symbols for a variety of uses which AOEF will trademark. There will almost certainly be graphics in that package which AO families will be welcome to share on social media.

I hope this exchange clarifies what you wanted to know from us, and gives you peace. I hold no offense and hope you will release any offense toward me as well. I hope you find satisfying outlets for your skills, also.

Thanks for your further clarification, Lynn.  I do recognise my wording was not clear and unhelpful, although I'm still uncomfortable about the level of acridity...  I did read Wendi's response, and it seemed to be mostly from a monetary perspective, so I did want to clarify that she was responding to both parts, which you have, thank you.  I have added some additional questions to the original post, but they mostly serve to clarify the definition of whether some words are also considered AO's "name" that are trademarked, that is, the following: the letters "AO", the word "Ambleside" (a place name?), informal designations like "Amblesider", "Amblesiding", "Amblyside", and whatever others that might crop up in the future.

I'm so sorry about all my ignorance.  If I may ask a further question...  What do you (or we) do about the various materials around the internet that use the words "Ambleside online" in graphical, non-official ways?  There are websitesblogs, stand-alone graphics etc that use the words "Ambleside Online" in graphical ways that aren't the official logo.  Do you object to these?  Do you like them but want them moderated? For that matter, is the official logo permitted for use, or can we only say the name in text?  Our highly connected world is an increasing stream of images and ideas.  It is very challenging to sort through that stream and know when each specific thing is permitted and when it's not.

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