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Full Version: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook?
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(11-01-2015, 12:13 AM)kresspartyof5 Wrote: [ -> ]I see a clear difference between the FB page and the Forum. While I visit the FB often and post a bit, it is usually for inspiration and sharing of pictures. When I have a serious question, I visit the forum. The Advisors do an amazing job of redirecting big questions to pages in the website and/or suggesting a visit to the forum.

I've noticed the forum is quieter but just assumed everyone was occupied with lessons!

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If you use tapatalk it is really easy to post a picture to the forum. And the images are hosted by tapatalk, so there is no burden on AO's servers (correct me if I'm wrong). I think we need more pics on the forum.  [I'm just a little angel.]
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Baby tortoise pic for Amy! My ds took this one :)
(10-31-2015, 08:17 AM)Dawn Girl Wrote: [ -> ]Speaking of Newbies...maybe some of them would enjoy reading When Children Love to Learn with us.  Perhaps someone could announce that discussion on Facebook.

(11-01-2015, 12:19 AM)carpeaeternitatem Wrote: [ -> ]I think one of the things that happened is we figured out how to do book discussions in a way that works really well - the CM books and all the others - so most of the learning/philosophy stuff is over there now and not randomly spilling all over the forum the way it did before.

Also, I've noticed that when I do have a question, more often than not there is a discussion about it already and I can find that thread within two guesses of which sub forum to check. That wasn't the case three years ago. So in some ways the organization that we think of as a strength of the forum is one of the reasons it has gradually gotten quieter.

Interesting! I've not been joining in on many of those this year, so I'm missing out on seeing that.

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I was thinking the same about it being quieter here but I thought it might be because I'm not actively involved in any book discussions right now. For me the fb is one where I might have answers for others but the forum is where I look for the answers I need. So I like them both but my heart still belongs to the forums over fb. But for another sample size of one, I'm just in a holding place. I understand a lot of the basics, at least on paper, but until I actually start y1 in a few months, I just don't know what I don't know yet, kwim? And I am finding a lot of answers in older threads so I don't need to start them myself which is nice for information but maybe hurts on the relationship maybe I should we start that year 1 now or later thread I've been meaning to post about because even though I've read several other similar ones, they aren't EXACTLY the same situation as mine and being engaged makes it more personal and I'd love that many-on-one support as we start.
There are several people over on the FB group right now expressing how frustrating the forums are. Do we have a tutorial video? If not, then I would be happy to do a screenshot tutorial on how to navigate around in the browser and then one for Tapatalk.

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(11-04-2015, 10:55 AM)MaryFrances Wrote: [ -> ]There are several people over on the FB group right now expressing how frustrating the forums are. Do we have a tutorial video? If not, then I would be happy to do a screenshot tutorial on how to navigate around in the browser.

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 Auxiliary member Naomi made a couple videos to walk people through it:

the direct links are

I think a couple things have changed, but they are still generally helpful.  A Screenshot tutorial would certainly be welcome as well, though- thanks!

If you do that, I'd love to link it to this post;
This is in the tech support area. Perhaps it could be made more prominent.
I could make a graphic that has these links in the comments, and then we can post that in the FB group. Whenever any of us see someone complaining we can comment to bump it to the top OR tag them in a comment.

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Just to chime in, I have been loving the forum reminders I've seen on facebook that Mary Francis has pasted lately. Like the Christmas Carol reading invitation. Great idea, MF!

I've been a forum member for a year now. I came to the forum looking for depth. I need more info, more answers, more details, more everything. And I found it! In fact, I spent quite a bit of time today reading abt year 4. (We're still in y3, term 1...but I'm trying not to feel intimidated by y4.) Anyway, I think that, for many on facebook, they aren't looking for depth and breadth. They just want to know what book or math program will fix the problem now. They aren't really concerned with why or how. I think that those that are, when they find the forum, get it and are happy to be here. Facebook just feels faster...not that it necessarily is, and I think the answers given overall here are better then on fb, but it feels that way.

Or maybe most are just intimidated by the high vocabulary, the good grammar, and the impressive reading lists of the forum ladies.
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