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Full Version: Beta Testers Wanted: Grid Schedules
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Yes, free reads.

I generally download the .odt version because I use .odt for everything. This year I just printed the schedules and have written in my edits, but typically I would edit the schedules to reflect the things I was combining.

I only use Google Drive when forced. I can not count on having internet access, so if something is important, then I keep a copy on my computer so that it's always available. But to some extent I just find Google Drive annoying. I know some people love it, but I haven't discovered why that is.

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Not liking Google Drive either :-( Will it stay editable or not???
In a kind of panic I quickly downloaded all schedules, haha.
Helena, they will ALWAYS be editable. On Drive they can be edited in the cloud or via download.
The pagination issue is there because I hate making the schedule less useful (by reducing font sizes or significantly abbreviating assignment descriptions) in order to fix pagination for the generic schedule when most people will probably be removing some content/adjusting the arrangement anyway.

The pagination issues aren't Drive issues. :-)
And don't panic! We would never make a gratuitous big change that negatively impacts many of you. That was the whole point of asking for feedback!

It sounds like this particular change creates issues for some of you, so I will table it for now. We'll just keep things as they are.
Using and checking Y6:
* Can you edit them at the link I provide? (I hope the answer is 'no.') NO
* Can you copy them to your own account and edit them there? YES
* Can you print them? YES
* How do they look when you print them straight from the link I provide? A couple of rows move down to the next page, making it 9 pages long instead of 6.

I love using Google Docs. I had already uploaded the schedule to my Drive a few weeks ago when we first began using AO. I love it because we have so many devices and can access it from any one of them: work PC, 2 laptops, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4. It is very easy to edit.

I also downloaded to MS Word, had the same issues but was even easier to edit. Saved and uploaded to Drive and easily accessed.

I do also keep a copy saved on the laptops to copy and arrange into our own weekly schedules. It makes my life much simpler!

Thank you for all the hard work you put into these! We are loving AO :)
(09-22-2015, 10:00 AM)lklivingston Wrote: [ -> ]Knowing more about how most people use these charts helps me make a solution that works for everyone.  This proposed change isn't even mostly about what's convenient for me.  I think many of our users probably would like to have the charts in Google because it's so much easier to access them on various devices, but I can't know that unless I hear from you, nor can I know who is using them in other ways without hearing, so I appreciate all the feedback.

I haven't tested your links but can answer how I use the charts.  I print the pdfs as is.  Write edits on top of things I'd change and then enter what I am really going to do in a software program.  If I do need to access the charts from a device I have never had any trouble opening pdf files.  I find the charts very helpful.  I've never given thought to having them on google. Thanks for your work.
I strongly dislike google drive!

Have a beautiful day!
* Can you edit them at the link I provide?  NO
* Can you copy them to your own account and edit them there? YES
* Can you print them?   YES
* How do they look when you print them straight from the link I provide? Takes 7 pages instead of 6, would need some reformatting.

I dislike using google drive overall, having to use it for some work things. I find it slow and cumbersome to load and work in. I prefer Word or PDF.
I downloaded Y2 as both a .pdf and Word Document. (I'm working on an iMac with Preview for the .pdf and an 7 or 8 yr old version of Word for Mac) Both opened fine with no formatting errors that I can see. I also "Made a copy" and was able to edit that in Google. I didn't actually print them out, but they looked fine in the print preview.
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