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Full Version: Beta Testers Wanted: Grid Schedules
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Just saw this thread as I've been away for a while. Is it possible to have these in two places, if they are moved to Google. I'm not a fan of Google AT ALL. So, I need to know if I should download all grids ASAP.
Just saw this thread. I don't know if you're still wanting testers, but I tried Yr 2 and it worked perfectly.

* Can you edit them at the link I provide? (I hope the answer is 'no.') NO
* Can you copy them to your own account and edit them there? YES
* Can you print them? YES
* How do they look when you print them straight from the link I provide? It worked perfectly.

I use Google a lot, so Google is not a problem for me.
There is no need to panic. We will not be changing at this time!

We will not change in the future without being sure these are just as accessible (easily downloaded and used without Google) as the current set-up. And we'll give you plenty of notice before a change like that.
(09-20-2015, 06:27 AM)Amanda Hall Wrote: [ -> ]4. Formatting is messed up in the sense that a couple of the rows of the table are pushed down onto the next page.

This issue might be easily fixed if the scaling on the printer is set correctly in your print options. If you set your scaling to 100% or uncheck "auto-fit to page" (my options are different depending on where I print from) do you still have a formatting issue??
I use the word doc so I can copy it into excel. We like a daily layout or everything gets pushed to the end of the week. The pdf doesn't paste as well as the doc though sometimes the doc has 2 lines per square and that makes it a logistical issues in xl. In y7 we'll begin to follow AO Bible but haven't until. My kids also hate when a reading skips a week so I often squish 36 weeks into 30 using xl. Same books, same basic layout but a little squished. 2 weeks of each term. And 30 weeks usually takes 11 months.
Karla in TX

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And yes, I love Google but most of us might need instructions on accessing it that way. :)

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I just used this and it works well for me. I used the link MelissaH posted in response to my question about updated lists and I didn't sign in to Google. I copy-pasted everything for Y1-3 onto a Word doc, where I sorted by subject so I could separate the free reads from the textbooks. It was much easier to manipulate than the old excel spreadsheet I was trying to work with before. Thank you Kathy and all for working on this.
Be aware that these test copies are old and not updated. I probably should take them down now. Too many found them intimidating, so at this time we won't move forward.
I have loved these grid schedules! I'll be sad if they go away! <3

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The downloadable grids are staying! The experimental Google grids are not. Too many people found them confusing.
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