Science changes for year 8 and 3
Announcements/Science changes for year 8 and 3
The AA is thrilled to announce that the new AO Science for both the Full and Lite Year 8 is up on the website today. We're excited, and we hope you will be too.

There is also an addition to year 3. A Drop of Water by Walter Wick is a short book, with some terrific experiments and demonstrations that are perfect for this stage. We recommend reading the book through and marvelling at the the exquisite closeup photographs, and then rereading each portion as scheduled and doing the activity.

Thanks to the Living Science group. Your help is invaluable. [Heart <3]

Jeanne in Australia
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
Yes, many thanks to AO, the AA, the Living Science Group and to YOU, Jeanne, for your untiring efforts to continually improve what one would think cannot be further improved upon. And thanks to Santa, too.  [Oopsies! I'm so embarrassed!]
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
Ds is very excited about the extra book in Y3. He was jumping up and down around the room. Thanks for all the hard work :)
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
Oh. My. Word.

If you havent had a look at the new year 3 book, do so right now. It is utterly, completely, gorgeously enthralling.

*I* want this book for ME!! Quick...BookDepository here I come!!
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
Oooh goody...something new for Y3. I was debating doing Science Lab in the Supermarket for the second half of our year (in the fall), but this looks fabulous....
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
I just finished year 3, and I am getting the book anyway, for my science-loving daughter. (Being the 4th, she almost never gets a new book.)
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
I ordered myself a used copy right away: I was afraid this announcement would drive the price up. [cheesy grin]
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
We LOVE A Drop of Water and read it when my ds was that age -- well done AO (as always)!
Christy in TN ::
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Announcements/Science changes for year 8 and 3
I'll be getting the ye 3 book, too, as we are barely in yr 4 and not using the Physics option :). Thank you!
Laura & sons, yr 8 and yr 0
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Announcements/RE: Science changes for year 8 and 3
That's a good idea, Laura. I was thinking of doing it over the summer (term 3), but since it is scheduled in terms 1-2, and the note says to adjust for seasons, perhaps it is a fall/winter book? (No idea, I very briefly skimmed the chapter titles.)
Amy, who wishes to be a hobbit :)
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