2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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(02-20-2016, 01:35 AM)Lani Wrote: You don't have to pay full amount when registering fyi...

No, she's right, Lani. We don't have the discount for extra people built into paypal because it was too complicated. But yes- we are keeping track and you will be refunded those, probably before you get there.

As for kids in the room- it's a little confusing. To be clear, the rooms are double occupancy- two queen beds in each room. We have to have to have two paying guests in each room. Everybody will be sharing a room- you can share with your spouse or a friend or a teenager or another adult guest we assign, but the only option we have for a single room is, I think the handicapped accessible.

We are charged the same whether your other occupant is your ten year old or an adult mom coming to the conference, and we want to permit as many parents to attend as possible.

An alternative besides the RV, and I realize this is not as attractive or convenient, is to get a hotel room for your family offsite (or and lodge there, paying the day rates like others commuting. You'd need access to a vehicle and comfort with driving in the area.

I do realize it's not ideal for everybody. There are always trade-offs. We have to work with our limitations, too. We needed the conference to be in Texas this year, and this was the first, after trying several places, that had openings in dates that worked for us. There are some aspects of Lakeview that we are super excited about, and some that are quirky and require more of a work-around= just like anyplace.
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