2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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(02-21-2016, 03:00 AM)WendiC Wrote: I know you are just asking, and you don't know all the ramifications of the question.  But we tried to explain this at the last conference when it came up, too.

In order to take checks, a couple of very complicated things have to happen:

I'd need to pay for a P.O. box to send them to because none of us want our home addresses on the internet.
I live ten miles from town, so I'd have to pack up my very disabled child and drive to the post office to check the mail a couple times a week, getting her in and out of the car and up our very old Post Office steps.

We at AO chose our bank because we had a local branch near me, and one of our overseas people uses the same bank so we could easily get two names on the account even though none of us live in the same state (or even country).  But the local branch closed.  So, to cash a check, I'd have to get to the nearest branch, which is 40 miles away.  I have PTSD, and one of the manifestations is I don't and can't drive on that highway.  I can barely be a passenger- and when I am it's unpleasant for everybody and requires a day to recover.  So I have to find somebody else who doesn't mind my jumping, gasping, occasioinal screaming, and seatbelt chewing all the way down and back again, and on a weekday.  And not just once, probably once a week, at a minimum, basically rendering myself unfit for getting anything done for two days of every week because it is just that triggering.  I have grandchildren in that town and I can manage to get down there maybe every two or three months because it's that hard.   Meanwhile, I'm also trying to get ready for the conference, to finish up some big AO projects, to get ready for 8 weeks of orphan hosting two boys from Ukraine this summer, when caring for the orphans is our entire focus and all we'll be able to do for those 8 weeks (based on experience with these boys for four weeks over Christmas) and... getting ready for a huge move in the fall.  

I'd love to be able to work it so we could take checks.  But it's not a simple matter of just asking us to cash a check.  It's asking quite a lot more than that.   I'm not trying to guilt trip anybody, just explaining why we may seem unaccommodating when it's really not just us being difficult.

Thank you Wendi for your response about sending in a check. We don't use PayPal because they support Planned Parenthood, so that kind of puts me out of the loop completely. No worries, though, because it is simply an answer to prayer about whether I am actually supposed to attend.

I have used AO for many years and love it, and simply wanted to commune with other AOers like I did in the fall in the Seattle area. (THAT was a great experience. I don't even remember who I sent the check to for that retreat, but I did not go through PayPal then either.) We have since decided to move across country (from Alaska to Virginia via Florida, where we currently are in the middle of this large transition) and I didn't even know if there was the possibility of getting to Texas in May.

I totally understand PTSD, having had it twice during the last 15 years. I still have lingering issues and likely will for life. I also understand the "jumping, gasping, occasioinal screaming, and seatbelt chewing" of riding with others and driving in certain environments.

Its all okay, and will be okay. I will pray for the weekend and for those who need to be there, that the LORD would work out all things for them to be able to attend.

Thank you for your explanation.
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