Conference Resources (notes & things promised at the Heart of AO Conf 2016)
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Here are a few of the cites from my talk on the riches:

Subjects undergoing an MRI while looking at artworks they considered most beautiful showed increased blood flow in a certain part of the brain by as much as 10 per cent – the same brain area and same increase in blood flow as when gazing at a loved one. Hang on to this comparison.

viewing art triggers higher-order mental processing

A study from the University of Westminster found that participants' stress levels decreased after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery. Participants who came in w/ high levels, had lower concentrations of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone, 30 min. later. And the effect was most marked for those who were most stressed. Think about what this means for improving the atmosphere while doing lessons! Spend a few minutes looking at your art for the week right after a stressful lesson- art isn’t an extra, it’s a basic necessity for school.

John Muir Laws on saying aloud:

After analyzing 15 studies that had people looking at art for different reasons, neuroscientist Oshin Vartanian explained in a Q&A that "areas of the brain involved in processing emotion and those that activate our pleasure and reward systems are also being engaged." Essentially, parts of the brain that are associated with contemplation are automatically sparked when viewing art, even if they aren't thinking about it critically

I will add this- because I so very, very badly misgauged my time (and my passion)- We only did half of an activity I had planned. I had you each sketch something of the story of Lizzie falling in love with the picture Grief of the Pasha. I intended to tell another short story, without asking for a sketch, and later ask you to remember the 2 tales and see which was clearer. I would suggest you try this, without telling them ahead of time, at home with reluctant artists/narrators- 2 similar stories, one sketched, one not. Later in the day, ask for a short narration of each and see what happens. Drawing helps you remember, how well you drew is irrelevant,, even if you only have 4 seconds;

One more thing I did not relate- a few days after their visit to the art museum, a friend shared a poem about the Pasha's grief w/ Lizzie's mama. It is a long poem, and I would not think most 5 year olds would have cared for it or understood it. Lizzie's mama read her the poem anyway (linked here: and reports that in conclusion, Lizzie was running around the house hollering "I was right! I was right! He was sad because his tiger died!"
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