Conference Resources (notes & things promised at the Heart of AO Conf 2016)
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(05-29-2016, 02:11 PM)phoebebopeep Wrote: I'm wondering if Dawn might share the handout she gave to the Swedish Drill participants. Pretty, please?

Yes! I keep meaning to do so but the resources are on my laptop and I don't access the forum from it often, which is why there has been a delay.  [Oopsies! I'm so embarrassed!] I can't resist you anything, Phoebe. Y'all - Phoebe has the sweetest countenance and such beautiful eyes. 

In the meantime the best introduction - if it hasn't been done already - is to read my post re: the history of Swedish Drill at Afterthoughts.  There are several more on the way, which will all be portions of my presentation, so that by the end you can have the complete picture and at which point the handouts will actually make sense.  ;)
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