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(03-19-2021, 02:54 AM)Laura in Ontario Wrote: Anne, I am just really digging into Plutarch for the first time...with my 16 year old and 12 year olds! I know, it's late in the game but better late than never. We are doing Publicola first and finding your guide so helpful. I love the suggested assignments especially. We just did Lesson 9 (I think?) of Publicola yesterday where you suggested making a comic strip of the events (Mucius putting his hand into the burning coals and impressing the enemy king) and my 12 year son actually made a comic strip in his free time because he thought it would be fun! [cheesy grin] 

In the past every time I tried doing Plutarch on my own, it just fizzled out. Now it is coming to life for us. So THANK YOU! [Heart <3]

Thank you back! It is wonderful to hear about kids making the studies their own.

I am in the middle of revising Volume Two; it should be available by the end of May.
Anne White, Southern Ontario
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